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Surf's Up Polarized Babiators

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Polarized Babiators

Surf's Up Polarized Babiators

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Surf's Up Polarized Babiators

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Lose the glare and keep the style with our polarized sunglasses for babies and kids


  • Polarized: Our polarized sunglasses have anti-glare lenses that help babies and kids see more clearly when they’re playing near water, snow, or any reflective surface
  • Accessorized: Includes an Awesome Cloud Case that clips easily onto a diaper bag or stroller to keep your shades safe between adventures
  • Safe: Babiators have UV400 lenses that offer 100% UVA and UVB protection and undergo rigorous testing to ensure they’re safe for your child – whether they’re on your child’s face or end up in your child’s mouth
  • Durable: Our sunglasses feature flexible rubber frames and impact- and shatter-resistant lenses that won’t break when you bend, twist, or step on them. Trust us, we’ve tried.
  • Awesome: Classic aviator sunglasses make sure your little one is the coolest kid around
  • Guaranteed: The best part? If you lose or break your Babiators in the first year, we’ll replace them for free. All you pay is shipping.


  • Babiators are made of a soft material that is comfortable and lightweight. They are designed to fit kids’ faces and don’t pinch the temples or nose
  • Junior Babiators sunglasses fit most babies 6 months to 2 years
  • Classic Babiators sunglasses fit most children 3 to 5 years
  • Fit will vary by child depending on head size. If you’re between sizes, we recommend ordering your child’s sunglasses a size up


Protected by U.S. Patent No. D767,012.  


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Customer Reviews 22 item(s)

Great shades all around
I bought the Polarized ones, because I myself wear polarized sunglasses due to the noticeable difference between polarized and not polarized. They're truly as indestructible as they claim to be. The only problem is that my kid won't leave them on most of the times, but he does at times. Now, that's not a manufacturers problem, so that's just so YOU take it into account when getting them...
The fit is right, durability is great, and overall a wonderful product. Now, if Babiators could come up with a way to create some sort of self-molding temples that would adjust to the baby's head, that would be amazing (a strap would just drive kids crazy).
Star Rating
Review by AlejandroGS / (Posted on 3/15/2017)
Great glasses
They were a gift for a friends son and she and her son love them! I can't wait to get a pair for my little girl.
Star Rating
Review by Melissa / (Posted on 8/14/2016)
Great Sunglasses!!!
These sunglasses are fantastic!! I gave pairs to almost everyone I know and the kids love them! Plus the customer service for this company is amazing.
Star Rating
Review by Sara / (Posted on 8/14/2016)
Great sunglasses
I think these are great! My seven month old loves them; he looks so cool! He wears them every time he goes out. They're very fashion forward! The colors are bright and the lenses, being polarized, really protect his eyes. He was very fond of the outdoors always squinting before and now his eyes are protected. He is a bit more comfortable.
Star Rating
Review by Tracy Syverain / (Posted on 8/13/2016)
Not too impressed, for the price paid, i expected a better quality. They replaced it though, will see how this holds up.
when it arrived the lenses were kinda loose and one of the lenses fell off the first time my 3 year old used it. Babiators sent me a replacement- hopefully, it is polarized too- not sure how to determine it.
Star Rating
Review by Jen / (Posted on 8/12/2016)
Love them, great for children
I purchased a pair or regular Babiators when my grandson was about 8 months old. They still fit, but I also just recently purchased a pair of polarized ones (classic Ages 3-7+) Surf’s UP. He is almost 3 years old now and he is very assertive as what he likes or dislikes. He loves his sun glasses, both pairs. He is now using mostly the polarized ones. He always asks for his sunglasses. I love the fact that they are very flexible and he will not break them. I love the fact that his eyes are protected and I am also very please because of the replacement policy in case something happens. They have not scratched yet, and I hope they do not!
Star Rating
Review by Sandy / (Posted on 8/11/2016)
My 10, 7 & 3 year old boys love their shades!!
My 7 year old has loved his new shades!!!!!! He wears them everywhere! Wore them to football- left them.....we were all bummed. But, Babiators guarantee to the rescue!!!!! Replacement was so simply in this crazy world. Why can't everyone replace if lost!! Thanks Babiators!!
Star Rating
Review by DDD / (Posted on 8/11/2016)
Polarized lens scratched easily
On my babies first day of wearing these she managed to grab them and bite them with her brand new little bottom teeth. This left a big scratch in the polarized lens. So bummed! Maybe I should have just gotten the regular pair, although I suppose those could have scratched as easily too.
I also wish that they all came with the strap. It's annoying that I had to purchase that separately.
Star Rating
Review by Natalie / (Posted on 8/11/2016)
Thumbs up! They are cool!
I love my babiators! I am 5. This is my second pair. My grammy gave them to me for my birthday because she wants to protect my eyes because she loves me to the moon and back.
Star Rating
Review by Gabby / (Posted on 8/11/2016)
Love them
Love them. The lost and found warranty is amazing! I've used it an replacement was quick and easy.
I love knowing my daughters eyes are protected, and she loves being a toddler with serious style and swagger.
Star Rating
Review by Turbocharger / (Posted on 8/10/2016)
gift of sight
As Grandparents we know how important it is to protect your sight and you can never start to soon. We wish we had someone to help protect our eyes. The gift of sight. help them protect it.
Star Rating
Review by Grand Pa / (Posted on 8/10/2016)
Cheap quality
Honestly I'm extremely disappointed in the quality of these sunglasses! I ordered the black ops polarized for my son and he dropped them once, had four scratches on the frames and a lense popped right out so I placed an order for the replacements. When receiving the new polarized pair the polarized lense was a way darker color then the first pair and looked very cheap! When ordering these I thought they would be more comfortable and like a rubber texture like described. Instead they are stiff and do not bend easy and feel of recycled plastic! For the cost of these it's honestly a joke! The best thing about these is the replacement but lesson learned and will not buy another pair again.
Star Rating
Review by Coria2015 / (Posted on 8/10/2016)
Cute and stylish!
Love the look and purpose of the glasses, but they have a hard time staying on my baby's face. I know she'll grow into them, so not super worried about it for now.
Star Rating
Review by Ashley H / (Posted on 8/10/2016)
Love the polarized lenses
Our 3 yr old grand-daughter has very light eyes. I was happy to find polarized lenses. Glasses fit great and she loves them
Star Rating
Review by Bette / (Posted on 8/10/2016)
Love them!
Our little guy loves his sunglasses! We often have trouble getting him to take them off inside
Star Rating
Review by Agernant / (Posted on 8/10/2016)
Great polarized glasses for even babies
We love our Babiaters! The 4 year old and 4 month old both wear them all summer long. We love how flexible they are and that there is a polarized option.
Star Rating
Review by Katie / (Posted on 8/10/2016)
So Worth Every Penny!!
My 4 year old son loves his big boy polarized Babiators and has had a pair since he was just a wee baby. The smaller size worked well up till he was 3 and we just moved up to the bigger size and they're awesome! He feels very cool in them and takes the cloud case with him everywhere. We've lost a pair of the smaller ones before and were skeptical of the guarantee but were super impressed with the company and the service too!
Star Rating
Review by LWags / (Posted on 8/10/2016)
No replacement lenses
I purchased a pair for my 2 year old and another for my baby to get the free shipping deal. My baby wasn't old enough to wear them until a little after the Lost&Found guarantee expired. When my youngest was finally old enough to wear them, the lens popped right off after a couple of uses. Babiators do not offer replacement lenses, but instead gave me a 25% off discount code which is nice, but I wish they could extend their guarantee to 2 years. 1 year goes so incredibly fast.
Star Rating
Review by Squishy / (Posted on 7/13/2016)
Too small
I like the glasses, they are good quality. My issue is that they run small. My child is 10 and is by no means a big kid. On the contrary she is smaller than the kids her age. The glasses are small and she doesn't want to wear them because they don't feel comfortable. The size I got was 7-14 years.
Star Rating
Review by Siri / (Posted on 6/4/2016)
Will continue to purchase
I heard about Babiators sunglasses from a friend, and immediately ordered a pair for my 4 year old son. He absolutely loves them, and calls them his "Batman" glasses. I love how flexible these sunglasses are, and that they can grow with the child. Babiators are now my "go-to" gift for kids birthdays and I buy the 0-3 years as baby shower gifts. The protective case is also worth it. So pleased with this product!
Star Rating
Review by Alison / (Posted on 5/28/2016)
Excellent! Well worth the money!
At first, I thought these were too expensive for a young child. We have a pool at our house and love to spend time outside and at the beach though, and I only wear polarized glasses myself, so I bit the bullet and bought a pair for my then-2-year-old daughter (last April). She LOVES them. Like, will not take them off all day! I never have to worry about her wearing her sunglasses if we are outside, and if I forget to give them to her, she asks...no, demands them. Over the winter, they got misplaced. I waited a while because I thought they would turn up, but when they were nowhere to be found and I realized we were coming up on a year of having them, I was able to get a replacement pair with no trouble at all. She wore the other pair constantly for close to a year and they looked brand new still. People always comment about how cute they are, too (we have the "Houston, We Have a Rockstar" ones). I may buy a second pair to keep on hand as back ups because she would be devastated if she lost them again and had to go a few days without them! She even makes me wear them sometimes and I have to say that they are even comfy on me with my adult-sized head (although to be fair, I do look like Mrs Potatohead with them on!)
Star Rating
Review by akelley / (Posted on 5/18/2016)
Great purchase! Excellent sunnies!
My almost 3 year old son just got his grey camos and he is thrilled! Not only are they super cute but they are the best sun glasses around. We have had a few sets of other sun glasses before but they scuff and don't fit properly to the point he gets frustrated trying to put them on. These are clearly a cut above the rest! They are very comfy on his nose and ears and easy to wear up on his head (he likes to be a cool guy with them up on his head!). Along with the polarized protection, I love them because of the replacement policy. We just went on a family trip and I felt so much better knowing that we were covered in case they got left behind (I mean it happens!). These are also super stylin, look great with everything and he gets tons of compliments which makes him feel special. Bonus: the case is like an entire gift in and of itself. It's great construction just like the glasses. My son uses it to hold his most precious cars! I'm definitely a convert! Yeah Babiators!
Star Rating
Review by MSchort / (Posted on 4/22/2016)