Our Story

Longtime friends Molly and Ted Fienning and Carolyn and Matthew Guard met in college over 10 years ago. After graduation, they vacationed together and dreamed about starting their own businesses. Carolyn, Matthew and Molly joined the corporate world, and Ted became a Marine Corps fighter pilot. The idea for Babiators was born on a military base in Beaufort, SC, when Molly saw her fellow military wives' kids squinting in the sun while their pilot Moms and Dads stood protected and stylish in their aviator sunglasses. Molly shared her idea for safe, stylish, and durable kids' sunglasses with her aviator husband Ted, who said, "Let's make them, and call them Babiators!"

Matthew and Carolyn Guard had been on the lookout for a great business to fly with. They loved the idea of creating high-quality, affordable, safe, durable and stylish products that let kids be kids and be protected. Carolyn recognized the strong potential of the business and took off with the idea at mach speed.

The company launched in 2011 with Carolyn and Molly working from their kitchen tables. Today, the Babiators "Crew" is growing fast and quickly becoming a leading children's retail brand. Forbes Magazine recently named Babiators one of America's 100 Most Promising Companies of 2014! From their world headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, their safe, stylish and awesome products fly off to more than 30 countries, giving kids around the world the freedom and protection to tackle whatever adventures come their way.

Our Mission

Babiators is on a mission to protect kids’ eyes while they’re out exploring this awesome world. Babiators kids have a sense of adventure and optimism for the future – they know they can go anywhere, conquer anything, and be total rockstars on the journey.

We Believe In:

Meet Our Team

What's Your Adventure?
  • Molly Fienning


    Exploring South Carolina. I'm all about fun day trips around this beautiful state with my husband and son, and learning how to help preserve its breathtaking landscape.

  • Ted Fienning


    After 10 years as a fighter pilot and Marine Corps officer, my favorite adventures are showing my son the outdoors and being married to my beautiful, brilliant business partner.

  • Carolyn Guard


    Exploring the coast of the Maine, my home state! — whether it's on the water in a boat, on the shore looking for sea glass, or eating a picnic on an island, there's always something new to find!

  • Matthew Guard


    Sailing. Depending on the wind, it can be calm and leisurely, or a white-knuckle adventure. You never know exactly what you're in for, and that's what makes it so exciting!

  • Kitsy Bowen

    Director of Sales

    My latest adventure has been an amazing journey into motherhood. Each day with our daughter is filled with light, love, and laughter. I am loving watching her big personality unfold!

  • Kim Ellithorpe

    Account Manager

    Touring the Napa Valley, tasting unique wines, taking in beautiful vistas, eating great food — and the best part — a week alone with my husband.

  • Alison Foster

    Finance Manager

    Traveling. The sights, sounds, tastes, smells and the people create a unique and exciting experience no matter where you are in the world!

  • Katherine Kinser

    Director of Customer Experience

    Running the Mayor's Midnight Run in Alaska, in June, on the longest day of the year. The most amazing part was running along the scenic Anchorage logging trails.

  • Shari Perkins

    Customer Service Manager

    My adventure is watching my boys grow and mature. Together my husband, sons, and I love spending as much time as possible at outdoor activities and watching my older son play various sports.

  • Shelby Senzer

    Head of Sales

    South Africa - where I lived for a year - is one of my favorites with incredible scenery and animals, amazing people, a rich culture, and great wine!

  • Tim Szal


    Heading out into the woods or onto the water with no other reason than to observe and absorb my surroundings is magical!